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2nd & 3rd of November 2018
10:00 - 18:00

Shipping information

The Addressee

You may make yourself the addressee and use your hotel’s address as delivery destination. Please consult and request approval from the hotel first. And please, DO NOT send any materials to the Fair venue!

You may also make ACFF the addressee (See below for ACFF Contact Info). Our fees are as follows:

Pick-up and delivery of the package: US$ 40
Delivery only: US$ 20

Note: Delivery is to the Fair venue on Friday morning of the Fair.
Note: Naturally, should ACFF have to make payments for the clearance of any packages, these will be billed to you.

ACFF accepts only cash payments.

Shipment of Materials

You are responsible to ship your own materials to Aruba. There are many options available:

Regular or priority mail

The package will arrive at the post office and the addressee* will receive a notification to pick up. A general clearance charge per package is applied by the customs official and this depends on the content. It is recommended to send the package 4 to 5 weeks in advance. Note: if the package is not picked up within a certain period of time, the post office will return the package.

FedEx, UPS or other fast delivery service

The package should arrive in Aruba in the specified time, according to the company’s schedule. All packages must undergo inspection by the customs officials, but if all documentation is in order, this process should not take long. To avoid delays, you must, therefore, make sure that the contents of the packages/boxes are properly described and the value of the contents correctly specified. Packages will be delivered to the addressee*. Please send your package at least 1 week in advance for a 2 to 3 day delivery service, just in case there are delays. If packages are scheduled to arrive over the weekend, specify that weekend delivery is a must.

Ocean freight

North American exhibitors: If you have merchandise/giveaways, send them at least 3 weeks prior to your arrival in Aruba. You may ship via land to Miami and from there by ocean with consolidated containers.

European exhibitors: We recommend you to ship your materials at least two months in advance in order to guarantee for them to arrive on time.

All exhibitors will need a local shipment broker to clear all shipment materials at customs.

Packages and documents must be consigned to the broker with their telephone number and your group contact. It must also state that no customs clearance may be done unless by that broker.

An invoice with a complete description and value of each item along with a copy of the airway bill number must be sent to your broker via fax. This will enable your broker to prepare customs clearance immediately and have your merchandise delivered to your hotel by the time of your arrival or the Fair venue on the morning of the Fair. Please provide us the date and time and the place where the boxes are to be delivered.

Import Duties

Import duties start at 7.5% for regular items and up to 40% on super deluxe items. At times, Aruba customs will not charge duties but require a deposit to be made prior to releasing the goods. If this happens, your broker will inform you in order to receive an approval from you and an agreement that your broker will be reimbursed any payments to Aruba customs. Please contact your local broker for their accepted payment methods. Brokers usually accept payment by credit card or cash.

Here is a list of local brokers.

Please be aware of the following possible charges that may vary per broker:

  • Cost for customs clearance in/out, per shipment.
  • Delivery charges based upon weight.
  • Customs and administration charge.
  • Your broker may hold shipment at their warehouse with no charge if shipments are small and no bigger than 6 boxes and kept no longer than 7 days including the weekend. However, some brokers may charge a warehouse storage fee.
  • If shipments have to be customs cleared after 16:00 or on weekends or holidays, there are extra charges by the Aruba Customs Office.
  • Customs service and delivery charges on evenings, weekend and holidays usually are charged at 150% or 200%.